Explanation for incomplete coverage of American Idol Season 8

Greetings folks!

Perhaps you'd have noticed I never made any updates after the top 5 week. I thought I owed you an explanation, and so here it is.

Basically, after Matt Giraud was eliminated, it never really made sense to follow the season anymore. Interest was pretty much lost. Well that's why the updates stopped. Nevertheless, I did continue to watch the remaining episodes. The only redeeming factor was that Adam didn't win. That other guy (what's his name again? Chris is it?) won! So woohoo!

I'm glad the other guy won, but it could very well be that he goes down as the most forgettable American idol ever! But if this is so, then why did he win? Simple: My theory is, America doesn't want the freak (ie. Adam. He likes guys you know) being the winner. Probably for the best, since he screamed too many of his songs.