Taylor Hicks -Worst American Idol Winner Ever?

I was recently considering the various winners of American Idol, and their subsequent successes or failures. I think I have to conclude that Taylor is simply the worst. Sure, this year's winner (2009) is very forgettable, but he seems to be in a class above Hicks, and besides it might be too early to say much about him. Note, Ruben Studdard was certainly inferior to Clay Aiken, but he was ok, and he did do a couple great songs post competition. So I would say Taylor trumps Ruben for the worst. Let's face it, in that season both Elliot Yamin and Chris Daughtry were far better than Hicks.

So what was it that made the masses choose Hicks? It has been argued both here and elsewhere that votefortheworst had something to do with this. I think this has merit to it. But I also believe there was more to it. My theory is that Hicks' characteristic gray hair helped him quite a bit. This made him stand out, and the masses like to see something different. This is what made him appear to be cool.

Imagine if Hicks did not have the grey hair! He would have been lost in the crowd and have met his end probably very early in the final stage, if he even made it that far. Hicks is fairly young, and it is probable that much of his gray hair is premature. If that is the case, then it might be possible to reverse it. Yes, gray hair can be reversed naturally sometimes. Most people probably would choose to reverse gray hair if they could. However, in Hicks' case, we could understand why he might decline such an offer. Although, since he is pretty much a dud right now, it might not matter too much if he did decide to try reversing his grey hair. In fact, his new look might even make him popular again for a brief season.