American Idol Without Paul Abdul - Getting to the bottom of things

As you would by now notice, season 9 of American Idol has commenced. The usual characters are back, with the very conspicuous exception of one -Paula Abdul. Well it has been known for some months now that Paula would not be returning. What are the implications for the future of the show? Can it survive much longer? Will Paula's absence have a negative impact? These are interesting questions that must be explored, but they will have to wait for another entry. Right now I want to focus on getting to the bottom of things -what really happened with Paula? Why isn't she on anymore?

The news reports claimed it was a matter over money. Paula wanted more than what they were offering her, and on the advice of her manager, refused to come back unless they satisfy her demands. It is alleged that Abdul wanted $20 million, but was offered just $10 million. It was also reported that Ryan Seacrest got a deal of $45 Million over 3 years. One can understand that this fact probably annoyed the heck out of Paula and was probably a major factor in her refusing to return.

Ok, well this is what the official stories say. But, as you may have guessed, we at idoltheory feel there is more to it. Keen readers of this site will have realised that we did anticipate the departure of Paula long before this issue of pay came up. (See why the new judge -Kara Dioguardi theory). So what is really at work here? Well, without trying to get too specific, let us at least acknowledge that things seem fishy.

If we had to venture a "guess" we would say the producers orchestrated this result. But Paula was the one who refused to come back, you say. Ah yes, true. However, that doesn't mean the producers didn't plan it. It is not a hard thing really to make Paula feel underpaid, and knowing her so well, they could easily have predicted that by doing this, they would in effect get rid of her. This way, it comes across as if it was Paula's own doing. The very introduction of the extra judge in season 8 suggested they were preparing to phase Paula out. Now it is done.

No doubt there is more to this matter. Perhaps you're wondering why? Why the need to get rid of Paula? Well there might be more to it, but it could simply be an attempt to keep the show fresh. By changing things up a bit, it makes things less predictable, and is likely to keep the interest in the show going. In other words, this is to prolong the longevity of the show. People were probably getting bored of the same 'ole thing every year. Another possibility which is not mutually exclusive to the aforementioned reason, is that it could be in preparation for Simon's own leaving. Perhaps the thinking is that removing Paula opens up America to accepting that judges are not permanent fixtures to the show, and so when Simon leaves, it might not be as catastrophic as one would expect. (See the theory on Simon Cowell's importance).

Ok, there is certainly more to say on this matter. We invite your comments. Perhaps before closing, it should be mentioned that the plan is to have Ellen DeGeneres (the lesbian) as the replacement judge for poor Paula. So much could be said about this, but that belongs to another post for another time. Until then, stay tuned!


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