Crystal Bowersox - I Forgot About Her

In my last post here, I asked if you remembered who won American Idol season 9. I also asked if you could remember the runner-up. Well last time I focused on Lee DeWyze (the winner of season 9). To be honest, I didn't name the runner up because I just couldn't remember who it was.

Well today I noticed some American Idol news and saw something about one Crystal Bowersox. You guess it, she was the runner up that I could not recall. Timely news too, considering I only just commented on DeWyze's first release and it's poor results. Well it seems Bowersox just released her debut album Farmer's Daughter just a few days ago. It should be quite interesting to see how her album's success or lack thereof compares with her rival on the show, Lee DeWyze. It is not unheard of for runner-ups to outperform the actual winners. Clay Aiken is a classic case. Daughtery, although was not a runner up, but came in 4th, far outperformed Hicks who had won that year.

Just a few days more will make it a week since Bowersox released her CD, and the data should be in so some comparisons can then be made.

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