Lee DeWyze - A Flop

In a previous post, I had proclaimed Taylor Hicks to be the worst American Idol winner. However, that was before season 9. Do you even remember who won season 9? Can you recall who was the runner-up? Well for those of you who might be stumped, the winner was a fellow by the name of Lee DeWyze.

DeWyze's first single debuted at #19 on the Billboard 200. That is the lowest so far out of all American idol winners. Also, the first week of sales for Lee was only $39,000. Again the lowest first week figure out of all Idol winners.

To be fair to DeWyze though, it should be taken into account that the show had started falling in ratings. So naturally you would expect him to be less successful than his predecessors. Maybe it is a little harsh to suggest that he might be worse than Taylor Hicks. While Hicks certainly had better success for his debut album and first week sales, in terms of talent, it would be hard to say with any confidence that DeWyze is any worse.

One thing that should not be overlooked though: The fact that the ratings of the show were already going down coupled with the dismal performance of DeWyze's first release, suggests that the show is in serious danger of coming to an end. Season 10 is just around the corner, so we should soon see whether the downward trend will continue.

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Anonymous said...

The show has lost all credibility, they are not capable of making stars anymore because of their unlimited voting, the tweens and teens all have cell phones these days unlike the early days of American Idol and they skew the results. They vote hundreds of times each week to insure the cutest guy contestant stays in and the result is the better talent is eliminated far to early. Dewyze should have never made it to the top 5 and yet he wins. Casey James was better than Dewyze and Casey admitted his strong point was not singing. The only true shining star season 9 had was Bowersox, it's "crystal" clear she should have won it all but now the real votes are coming in, she has sold more in 2 weeks than Lee did in 8. If only the kiddies would buy 200 albums at a time like they cast their votes...if only.