American Idol Season 10 - Best Ever!

I have not written anything about season 10 of American Idol until now. However, I have been watching faithfully with interest since the start. I had surmised from last season, and even the one before, that American Idol was in its last days. The show had seemed to have been falling the previous two seasons, and with Simon bowing out, it had appeared to be heading for total disaster. But as it turns out, this has probably been one of the best seasons ever. The producers have cleverly turned things around. Here's how.

Perhaps the best thing the producers did was to bring on Jennifer Lopez! Just her appearance is enough to attract and keep a crowd. But it also turns out she is a great judge. She actually gives useful feedback, while being nice. Paula used to be nice, but oftentimes her feedback was less than useless.

Some surprises have also been introduced. For the first time ever in the history of Idol, in one of the earlier shows, Ryan revealed the bottom three without actually going through all the contestants to recap what they sung along with the judges' feedback.

It now appears that the results are genuine. In the last few seasons, I wrote several entries that suggested the producers were intervening to decide who goes home, rather than rely totally on the votes. Well this season, it seems they are trying everything new, and now allowing the votes to determine the results.

The top 10 this season is probably the best 10 ten ever. In fact, a good number of these folks are better than most of the contestants who made it to the top 10 in all prior seasons. It is somewhat disappointing who the top 2 finalists are, but that's for another entry. The question to consider though, is how come this season produced such great talent that it really has been difficult to eliminate someone each week? Could it be because Simon is no longer around? Could it be that Simon was holding back the show? That seems quite likely for two reasons. Simon was critical of even great talent, and left up to him, some folks who should make it through would not. Also, with Simon around, the show tends to focus on him and his comments. With him out of the way, the focus is more on the contestants.

Oh Steven Tyler is not a bad judge either. But by far, Jennifer Lopez is not only the best judge currently, but I would say the best judge the show has ever had. Well done Jennifer!