Season 11: Observations From The 2 Top 7 Performance Shows

This is my first entry for Season 11 of American Idol (2012). But I've been watching it from the start. There's a lot more that could be said of earlier rounds, and perhaps I may get around to commenting on some of them. However, I want to focus my attention here on the top 7 performances.

There were actually two weeks of top 7 performances, as the judges used their save which means no one went home, and hence still top 7 the following week.

Now the original top 7 week actually had Jessica Sanchez coming up with the short end of the votes. No doubt this was quite a shocker to all! Even for those who are not fans of this sweet little girl, it must have come as a surprise to see her in that position, given the fact that the judges have consistently heaped praises upon her. Also in the bottom 3 that week was Joshua Ledet. Another traumatic moment for at least the judges. What was probably appalling to many fans of Jessica and Joshua, was that Hollie Cavanagh was nowhere to be found among the bottom 3. Well even I was surprised, and I hold no ill-will toward Hollie.

The skeptic in me had to wonder if the producers messed with the results. In earlier seasons I argued that they were actually doing so. But since Simon Cowell left, it appeared that one of the changes made was to actually give the genuine results. Yet it seems somewhat suspicious that at least 2 in the bottom 3 were expected to be in the top 2, when each week the results were fairly predictable, with someone in the bottom 3 ending up eliminated the following week. Could the producers have intervened to save the show from becoming too predictable? Could it be that they rigged it to add some drama and help boost/sustain ratings? It certainly seems to.

Nevertheless, there could be other reasons why Joshua and Jessica were among the bottom 3. One strong possibility is that people became complacent in voting for them, thinking that they are clearly safe. This tends to happen at some point during the show each season. Couple that with the fact that the judges really came down against Hollie, so perhaps Hollie fans made a greater effort to keep her in to get even with the judges.

Now the following week, still being the top7, the results were reversed for the most part. Now Colton Dixon (another favourite of the judges) along with Hollie end up being in the bottom 2. Perhaps most people were expecting Hollie to be the one to go. But it was Colton instead!

I must say, that given that week's performances, Hollie deserved to stay. Actually she was damn good! That first Adele song she sang was really amazing. I keep listening to it.

I've never really been a fan of Colton myself. He's an ok singer, and a nice guy I suppose. But I don't like his punk hair style, and he never really stood out to me as a great singer.

It should not go without notice though, how the judges tried extra hard to heap praises on Jessica and Joshua in the 2nd round of the top 7. Not having any more saves, and really wanting Joshua and Jessica to be in the finale, they need to lavish them even more with praises. I like Jessica, so I'm not hating on her. But it is obvious what the judges are trying to do. Joshua I'm not really a fan of. I don't like that type of singing, but I acknowledge he is a very good singer.