Season 12, Top 3: Who Will Make It To Finale

All three contestants did very well last night. Candice Glover certainly gave a rousing performance in her final song of the night. Angie Miller had 3 outstanding songs, and Kree Harrison finally was not boring.

But who goes through to next week has little to do with what happened last night. The fans are mostly set already, and those voting for Kree will continue to do so, likewise for Angie and Candice. What will be the most important factor, is where Amber's votes will now go.

Let me say this upfront, Angie deserves to be in the finale. Actually, if it was up to me, the finale would be Candice and Angie. But alas, such important things are left to the American crowd to decide. So here's what is most likely to happen. Amber's votes are now likely to go to Kree and Candice. Why? Well Amber is from Texas, and so is Kree. Candice is black like Amber. So it is logical that many people who voted Amber, will now vote Kree, simply based on the fact that they will support Texas. And another chunk of votes will now be directed to Candice, because the Amber supporters will probably want to support a black person.

So essentially, Candice and Kree benefit the most from Amber's fall out. On top of that, Kree's sad story was highlighted last night, so she gets the sympathy vote, as if she needed that. The truth is folks, that Kree was going to be in the finale no matter what. America has an inexplicable love for country music. The country singer is automatically at an advantage in these reality type shows where the public votes.

There you have it folks. Kree and Candice are your contestants for the final week. Angie, we know you deserve to win, or at least be in the final, but you are in a country that has an irrational love for country music. I really do hope Angie goes through, but based on my analysis, it is not likely.

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